Will AI Replaces Copywriters in the Future?

Should We be worried about AI taking over  Copywriting and Blogging in 2021?

Will AI Replaces Copywriters in the Future?

Hey guys, it’s Punith and this week I’m answering one of the haunting question that every copywriter and every new Blogger had in their mind.

Let’s not go too far, let’s assume this. “Will AI Replaces Copywriters in 2021?”

Change is happening all over the world. For example take Tesla, It replaced the majority of its workforce with Robots in its Giga factories. Wall Street traders are replaced with “App’s like Robin hood, there are many such examples out there. Change is inevitable, whether you like it or not. Thanos(AI) is coming after you.

Don’t worry. He’ll (AI) will take some time.

Now the question, do you think you’ll be replaced with “AI”?, I mean Blogger, copywriter, or content creator, in the future?

Let’s face it. In this article I’ll dig through the stuff related to AI and Copywriting, and try to answer the Question.

Since we saw so many advancements/Improvements in The Tech especially in the fields of AI, ML, NLP and Big data, I can say if you’re a Copywriter or trying to be one, you might have this question in your mind? Rite?

With the recent changes like “Pandemic”, “Budget cuts”, “Ever Growing Debt” and “High cost” every one are looking for Cost cutting. So what is the best option to control the cost? “Automation”.

Have you ever chat with a Bot? Or Live Chat? If so you know the difference. Chat Bot is a Simple programming language that answers your questions, if it had in this database. If you ask anything different it can not answer. Some times getting a correct response with Bots is not that easy. But still many companies are trying to replace their Customer Teams with AI driven Chat Bots.

I’ve one simple question, would you chat with a “Chat Bot” or with a “Human” I mean Live Chat? I prefer live chat because there is a lot of scope for Human to Human Connection. Whereas in Chatbot’s you can not find any of it. Yes Chatbots are improving, but still there are far away from Perfection.

Change is coming weather you and I like it or not. That doesn’t mean you and I will be on the wrong side of the boat. A Machine never ever replaces a Human. For sure we the Humans need Machines and Machines need Us.

Don’t worry, Judgements day wont come to us any time soon.

AI is a Simple Program. No Complex one!!!, which is created by “Humans”. we may teach Emotions, Love, and even teach it to write an Article. But we can not expect it to do all the stuff, like feelings, that we humans can Feel.

“A Human can truly connects to another Human being.” Right.

In simple terms, copywriting is nothing but art of selling stuff to others rite?

The best copywriters in the world are also great marketers, strategic thinkers and powerful communicators. They understand that copywriting is a science of connection AND conversion. They tell stories. As a copywriter, you need to think like a the best marketer, and you have to understand how audiences think, feel, and spend.

This is what separates us from machine.

Okay, Let’s assume that, AI really replaces Copywriters in the future. What is AI in the first place?

It is just a software, which may have Millions of rows of code. rite. No It is more complex than that.  You need to think like this. How a Machines can write a Copy in the first place?

To answer these questions, first you need to know more about AI and it’s ability of writing copy.

Have you ever heard the term "NLP" (Natural Language Processing)?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the catch-all term that enables machines to process, understand, create, and respond to language. It has two elements:

  1. Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and
  2. Natural Language Generation (NLG).

These two combined (NLU and NLG) are what make machine-generated copy and in some cases feel and sound like you and Me, as Human being.

Natural Language Understanding: As Name it self tells, It Understands what you and I have to say. You may have used Google Translator or voice recognition tool. It uses “NLU. It understands what you tell. It may be in any language. Google had Designed NLU in a way to navigate these complex human expressions and understand, what you and I have to say.

The final out come of this stage is to since with humans and understand what they say. NLU is working to help AI.

Natural Language Generation: 

NLG is the process that helps a machine turn structured data into text or speech. For example you can see it in AI-powered voice applications like Google’s Home Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa or in you’re smart phone, Apple Home Pod. These applications are impressive, but in a nutshell, are essentially uploading and displaying data within a set template.

Here is an another example, where Humanoid robots are taking the world with surprise.

All this, it may be a home pod in you’re home or you’re smart phone or more complex ones like Humanoid robots like Sophia, all this are using AI to answer you’re questions.

Now you know what the answer to the question, how an AI is capable of writing a copy.

How ever you no need to worry for now. Because the cost of those stuff is too much for now. Yes there are so many advancements in the industry, No doubt about it. But at the end of the day, every one including big tech companies also think about the Cost. In the future when the costs do come done and if it is affordable, you as a copywriter can use Ai created copy and create your own version of it. That way you can position you’re self in a better way.

Okay,  If it is a Software, Every one would definitely use it, including all those who never know about Copywriting. Then there is no point of making a copy, all most all the copies would sounds same. Rite? 

If all the copies do sound alike, what is the point of reading them, in the first place?  Copywriting is an Art, A place to express you’re self. Which a machine or a Software cant do it.

Okay but Do you think AI is not a Threat? Think Twite before you answer that question.

Okay before you answer that, let’s have a look that the places where it is already deployed and making changes.

Here are some example where AI/ML replaced or out performed Humans.

1. Amazon Go.

Amazon Go is a Counter less and Human less store, which is opened by amazon in many parts of the US. Where The stores are partially automated, with customers able to purchase products without being checked out by a cashier or using a self-checkout station. You just need amazon app to check in and take the stuff that you want and exit the store, No need to wait for check out.

When you take anything from the shelf, AI knows what you took and it’ll remember till you exit the store. Once you exit the store, it will automatically charges you based on the items that you picked from the shelf. It is first of it’s kind. Jeff told that there are many more to come, in the future.

Just like Amazon Go may more in the industry like Walmart and Target are in the same field of automation. Have a Look at this article “How the Amazon Go Store’s AI Works

Let’s take another interesting and most loved example. Tesla.

2. Tesla Auto Pilot.

Many in the Auto industry thought that Electric vehicles are just fantasy, and they are not going to survive in the long run. But Elon Musk made the history with Tesla. Now in US Tesla is the market leader in EV’s and in the Autonomous space.

Tesla Auto Pilot is nothing but an AI and ML. The Car is surrounded with sensors and camaras, where it analysis all the things going around it and works accordingly.

Just like Tesla, many in the Auto industry are going after Electric Vehicles and focusing more on Autonomous vehicles. Check out this interesting article ” Tesla’s New AI for Self-driving Cars

Now let’s check out Games.

3. Google AI and "GO"

Go is an Ancient game that was originated in China 2500+ years ago. It is one of the most complex game in the world. It is an 2 person game, and in this game any player surrounds more of it’s opponent’s territory he wins.

For the long time no one thought that machine can’t play this game. But in 2017 Google AI able to win the competition.

Here is an interesting article about the AI and Go “Google AI beats Chinese master in ancient game of Go

Okay Let’s have this question. Do you ever used AI? I bet you did. In fact you may be using this right now.

4. Grammarly

Sounds familiar?  Grammarly is a software that uses AI and ML to suggest and correct spellings and sentences in your article. Now You know you’re using an AI in you’re day to day life rite?

Didn’t you ever wonder how exactly does Grammarly works? If not check out this Video. Link: How Does Grammarly Work?

Now, let’s come to Copywriting. Here is an example where a Copywriter is replaced by an AI. 

5. JPMorgan Chase has an AI copywriter that writes better ads than humans can.

 have a look at this article from QZ.com, where JP Morgan Chase is investing heavily into AI to replace it’s Copywriters. There are may situations where AI able to Outperform an Average Copywriter.

Chase conducted many tests before focusing on AI driven Copies for it’s business. In many tests AI is able to beat copywriters, in may cases like Ranking and Keyword identification and many more aspects.

Have a Look at this article on “AI and chase copywriting machine”.

Now answer the question. Do you think AI is not a Threat?

Before You Answer that question, let’s site ack and see what happened in the past.

As I Said previously Change is inevitable. But there many things that you need to think off it. Let’s say, Any time you have a disruptive technology or market force, like 2007 Financial crisis and 2020 Pandemic, or EV’s in the automotive industry,  the patterns are always very similar.

The disrupting technology or force will first disrupt the mainstream — the “easy pickings.” And that forces the surviving practitioners or businesses in that industry or profession to think more creatively about how they can add better value to the marketplace.

Walmart and mom-and-pop businesses Case study

Let’s try to understand it more simpler way, with an Example.

Walmart a Retail Giant saw exponential growth in the 1990’s. It spread like Wild fire in the US, Canada, Europe and in some parts of the Asia and Australia. The strategy that was followed by Walmart is massively destructive. It Destroyed thousands of mom-and-pop businesses all over the US and all over the world.

Among them there were hundreds of small pet supply and pet food stores. With Cheaper price and better options every pet owners started buying their pet food and supplies at Walmart.  Small shops went out of cash reserves and they simply couldn’t survive.


But the trend has changed now a days. Even though Walmart is doing better than ever (and probably still selling more pet food than any other retailer in the world), small pet food and pet supply stores are now popping up everywhere, and they are more and more stronger. In Us there are hand full of them within a few-mile radius of any neighbourhood.


How is that possible in a world dominated by Walmart, Amazon, Target and multiple online stores that deliver pet food to your house with free shipping? Didn’t you have this question in your mind?

These new, local stores have decided to focus on very specific areas and micro “niches” within the industry: specialty high-end food and products. Categories that Walmart is not interested in dominating because they don’t scale very well.

They’re also competing on the ability to provide amazing customer service, a truly personalized customer experience, and a much greater knowledge of the products on the shelves. Plus, they’re capitalizing on the “buy local” trend, which has caught on all across the world.

As a result, these small businesses are thriving. They’ve proven that as a big, disruptive force comes into a market, the established businesses in that market must become much more creative, specialized, and strategic about how they position themselves and the value they deliver to their customers.

Just like ripple effect mom-and-pop businesses are popping up all across, just like mushrooms popup after the rain.


So Should you be worried about AI? in the future?

Yeah!, you bet. This might not happen overnight, or it may not be next year or few. But it’s definitely going so some sort of impact, how you and I write in the future. The simple reason is, you and I need some sort of help. If there are no changes in the industry, we would be still stuck with Pen and Paper. In many cases, AI/ML are better in detecting good and highly effective Keywords. They can also help you and Me in identifying patterns in the Articles, that you and I love to write.

Right now you can relax. But that doesn’t mean you can chill. You need to improve on different fronts. You should be equipped well to face Winter(AI), other wise You wont be The King in the North.