With Proper tools you can build "Rome" in no time.

Tools that I use

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Tools that you need


Hostinger Hosting

I Personally choose Hostinger as my Hosting provider. It is the ideal and best to start with. Compared with any other Hosting provider the flexibility that Hostinger offers is immense.
WordPress setup with Hostnger is also very easy. With just a few clicks you can Up you’re blog or website.

Go daddy Domain

You can find the best domains at the most affordable prices in Go-daddy. That is the reason why Go-daddy is the world leader in Domains purchases and stuff. I’ve been using Go-daddy for ages. I would recommend this.


BlueHost Hosting

One of the affordable hosting providers in the market. It is very easy to use Blue host with WordPress. The  hosting plans are also very



I’m Not Shakespeare, and English is not my Mother Tongue. With Grammarly, I’ve no worries.


GSuite "Only Place"

Google’s G Suite is my go to place to store my digital footprint. So with G Suite you’ll get all in one integrated and classic setup where you can store, manage and organize all the stuff that is related to you’re site.



Email’s are the vital part of any strategy that you try to build. For that you need to collect all the emails. So what you should do?

There comes the Mail Chimp. It is one of the leading emailing platforms.


Dell Lap

I’ve been using Dell for ever. The simple reason is ruggedness and easy to use. There are no complications in system. With Windows per-installed, you get to use Dell for generations:). You know what i mean


Color Picker

I’m Not an artist and I’m a little bad with colors. With this free chrome extension, I’ve no worries.

Google analytics_logo

Google Analytics

I can not breathe without it. Everything that is related to analytics is in one place.


Keywords Every where

Chrome extension that is literally saving me a lot of time.



Only source where you can find Photos/Images that are not legally biased. I use them in day to day life

Some thought's that i wish i known long back

Some Suggetions

Try to live you're life. Dont live for others. If you do then you'll regret later in the life. Try to find happyness in the worj that you do. Small token of appriciation wiuld make some ones day.:)
Unless you invest in something, or in that case anything you don't get to know it more. So Always start anything by inveting in you're self first.
Financial literacy and financial independence are the two most powerful words that can decide you're fate. Whatever the field you're in start with the question "ROI". For some you and I dont expect that, but it's okay.