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I’ll walk you through all the steps and process that are involved in creating you’re Digital Image. Lets get Started.

Start Blogging

The excitement, when you see in the eyes of a mother when she give birth is priceless. Like that, the excitement when creating you’re own website/blog is priceless too.

Optimize the WEB

Among all the steps that you follow, “SEO” is the key to success. The simple reason for that is, Unless you’re work is visible to the viewers, then there is no point of making it. 

Make Money

Living free, what i mean to say is, living “Financially” independent is the key to happiness.

#FIRE may be true and it is possible too.

There are Hundreds and Thousands of blogs out there, telling you about how to start a blog. Yes!!! It is true. They will tell you how to set up a WordPress account, Buying A domain, and Hosting account but, they don’t clarify all the questions and doubts that you have.
Believe me guys, this won’t help you to reach heights. The main Motivation of this blog is to teach you everything, I mean everything about blogging. 
I’m here to address all the questions about blogging, not to sell any products. I’ll address every question right from starting. 

If you want a simple, Detailed guide on how to start a blog, you’ve come to the right place where I make the step by step process of creating a Blog from scratch. 

Defining “Niche” and “Making a Blog” on that particular Niche and Making money out of that particular nice, is not as easy as it said. There are lot of things that you need to consider before going in into the Field. 
Actually you can you and  I can blog on anything and everything.  But there is a catch, if there are no viewers/Audience to that post that you worked very hard, would be virtually worthless. You you’re able to contribute something to that niche, but at what “Cost”?
Believe me guys, I made the same mistake, blogging what ever I liked and where ever I like.
This might have worked in the 2000s. But not it won’t work at all. This wont be seen on the google’s search results a all. So defining “Niche” is very important.

3-Step Setup



Choosing what platform you want to blog is more important. Choose wisely!!!



Naming you’re creation is like naming you’re child. Make history with yours 🙂



People need to see what you have done. So hoster will make it possible.

You may think why should I check all blogging platforms. There are 100 more like this in the market place. But these are the most popular blogging platforms.

Each has its pros and cons. But as a blogger, with plenty of past experience, I would like to recommend  WordPress for beginners or to the experts in the field.
The flexibility that you have on WordPress is very high. Where as in or on any other expensive platforms, it is not possible. 
Once you set-it up, there is nothing stopping you.
How to choose a Domain name for your blog. this is the first question that came to my mind when I thought about starting a blog. 
I think you have the same question. “Naming a Blog is like naming your Baby” so be careful:)
The first step is finding a Domain name. Do you ever have doubts about what is a domain? 
“You can’t have a website without a domain name. Like a street address that tells people where you live, a domain helps customers drive directly to your website. – GoDaddy”

This is one of the common questions that was always asked by many people on the internet. What is Hosting? and how does it work? I’ll explain in detail about those. First, you should know the importance of 3S’s. These three are the pillars of your success. 

The Best or Worst, every Hosting boils down to  3S’s, “Speed“, “Support“, & “Security“. 

If Hosting service providers miss any of the “S” then they are not the best choice to choose from. 

No one would like to choose a Hosting company if they are lagging behind the competitors. Few seconds delay in loading you’re site or Blog, then the audience will switch to others. 

Stage 3 Design



Appearance is very important for the new Internets. So make it visually appealing.



What you meant is what you say. If you’re voice to heard, do proper Keyword word research



The excitement, when you write off you’re first check would be awesome 🙂

It is a well-known fact that if you want your blog to succeed you need a good theme. Even though there are tones of Blogging platforms out there WordPress is the most used. 
Even though if you choose premium services from a premium blogging platform, if you choose the wrong and clunky theme, all you’re time and money you spent is worth nothing. 
Choosing a Theme for you’re Blog is like choosing a Weeding Dress. and Choosing Plugins is like choosing a Ring. “So be Super Cautious”. 
Your Blog theme should be best in the class, highlight your words in a way that makes readers want to spend more time on your Blog. 

Keyword research determines the success or the failure of you’re blog. Generally, any blogger would try to include important keywords that customers are looking for in their article to rank high and to satisfy their audience.

Keywords are the real reason for the success or the failure of the Blog. Simple words in the blog are the real deal. Selecting appropriate keywords depends upon the blogger. One may like to blog about the same keywords, and others may not. 
Yes! Keywords are very important, but some top bloggers do not focus on those keywords, they follow their pen. Not the algorithms.  This works too.
I Have a Dream” of writing articles, owning a blog, and sharing my knowledge with the world. Days and Months have passed, and The day has finally arrived.
Sitting before a computer and thinking about starting your very first blog post. Now the real problem began. One side I’m excited and the other side I’m a little nervous about what to publish as your first blog post.It’s okay, Believe me, my friend, it’s actually okay to write scrap in you’re first blog post. You’ll learn the Tones of lessons. 
“Just Start Pouring You’re Thoughts & Make History”
No one starts a blog knowing exactly what they are going to do. it is true. 

Phase 3 Promotion



Writing blog is one thing, But publishing it on the web is another key moment.



Just like journalism, you’re voice need to be heard. Heard loudly!!!



Making money with you’re own work would be the happiest moments in the life.

Here comes the marketing and selling part,In everyone’s life. you and I need to sell something.You may love it or hate it, promoting and selling you’re working is very important.

if you want to monetize your blog you have to be a seller. Even I do follow these

steps.1. Publish valuable content 1 times a week There is no alternative for valuable content. If you’re able to release 1 valuable content every 1 or 2weeks then you can chill.

If you plan to release every week two articles continuously, for 3 to 6 months then this will become a habit, and your readers will expect something from you..

 Writing valuable content or compelling content is not enough to gain audience trust. It is True, Not only for bloggers ever for the big tech.

You need to have “Courage” to face anything. 
From day one act as a seller and try to promote your content all the platforms. 
Winning one Audience trust is like gaining 100 new readers. Okay, that is how it is difficult it is. 
Everything boils down to your niche. In my previous article Pick a Topic, I’ve talked about Niche. 
Blogging is not new to this world. It has been since the 1990s. Till 2007 it was seen as a personal blog, and monetization wasn’t a thing then. Fast forward in 2020, some bloggers make more than a Million Dollars. It all depends on Patience and Dedication. 
Monetization is not easy, it might take A Month or a Year. There is no shortcut to making money “Fast”. 
If you want to make money Fast you’re not in the right place. I’m not going to tell you how to make $1000 in Month. But I’m going to tell you how you can make more than that in One month within 12 Months.
Reminder!!! “This needs Dedication and Patience.”