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Hey there, welcome to Blogging Formulae. I am Punith, and I’m very glad to see you. Here is something about me. I’m an aspiring Digital Intrepreneur.

Who Am I?

From Last Bencher to First Bench. From Dumbest of the Dumb to the Inspirational figure. Form Financially Broke to Final independent. From Depressed to Happiest…

My Mission

Helping those who are in need of help with the digital stuff, and to provide best support and assistance. Making some one’s day is like making you’re own day. Happy to Help any one.

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Hello, My Friend…

Welcome, I’m very glad you’re here,Thank you for checking out my profile.I love to connect with everyone in this community. Let me start telling you about myself first. 
I’m a Part-time professional Blogger and an Aspiring Digital entrepreneur.

This is My Story,

My early life wasn’t that great. I’ve ups and downs in my life. I have born with a Silver spoon in my mouth. Just like any other middle-class family, I have started my life and I’m proud to say that. 
Lessons that I’ve learned in my life are much important than anything else. and I admit it. 
Regretting every minute, Why am I like this? 
I have to build something, make some difference. I can’t live a dumb life. “Get Rich Quick”……..

“I was Young and Dumb.” 

Desk setup

Actual Jorney

My Journey started when I got my first phone. I use to watch videos on technology hours together. One day I’ve come across a Blogging story that was really interesting and inspiring.  
In the end, everything boils down to two things one is ‘Money’ and the other is ‘Health’.  Being financially independent and leading a healthy life is in our hands so I’m on FIRE.  Confusing? here it is.
#FIRE: Financially Independent and Retire Early.
This doesn’t mean you can chill or relax after retiring. This an opportunity to build or start your dream. It may be a cafe or restaurant or digital startup or anything that makes your run at midnight. 
So early on I’ve started a side hustle that I’m passionate about. “Blogging” Here is my failure and success journey. 

My First Failure

My First Blog is about Agriculture, and Food-Related. I’ve started just to know the technology that is involved in farming and food processing. 
You know my father is a farmer. we always face problems with Labor and pests. 
My interest in technology and automation made me start this blog. After a While, I realized I am making mistakes. 
don’t know what are keywords and other fundamental things I couldn’t define My niche properly. Just after some time I’ve to quit that blog and have to focus on my studies. 
Moving on to my second failure, 

Second Failure

My Second Failure, Auto, and Tech Blog. I’m a Techie by Profession and Passionate about Engines, you know Automobiles. 
During my final year in college, I got an opportunity to work with the company that I was dreaming, for a long time. “Toyota”. 
I got interned with the Passenger Sedan division and there my interest grew into passion and passion became a hobby, there I’ve started a Blog. 
Which of course failed spacer really. The reason is I didn’t know something called “SEO” and other stuff that help you get ranked. 
Am I going to leave it? 
“NO”. One day(D-Day “06/22” to start Auto Blog) or the other I’m going to start that blog again. 

My Success Story

Failure after failure, should I quit this? 
After two attempts I took some time and found what are my mistakes and where am I making mistakes. Then I spend some time learning and solving the mistakes that I made previously. 
Then I’ve come up with a formulae 3:6:9
Am I Really Successful right now, No I don’t think so? My goal (Min 1000 people) is to make those who are desperate need to help and make a steady stream of income out of their passion. 
It may be Blogging, Marketing, or anything that relates to the Internet that can make money at the comfort of their home. 

My "3D" Process



Doing Proper and in-depth research, alone decides you’re success ration, in the Digital world



After Discovering the potential you need to Define the “Vision”. unless you have the proper vision you can not beat the market



Better UI/Design will beat all odds. “Discovery”, “Define” and “Design”. These are 3 pillars to success.

My "3:6:9" Formulae



1-3 Months focus on content. At Least 50 articles within this time. 



4-6 Months focus on building a brand on the internet. still posting 4 articles a month.


7-9 Months Building Loyalty and making my readers happy and the after 1 year monetize the blog.

I'll help your journey in  

# Marketing, (Digital, Offline), 
#Affiliate marketing, 
#Copy writing,
#Social Media Marketing, 
#Making Money Online,
#Building a Side Hustle,
#Formulae to Success, and much more. 
Check out My Blog “www.Bloggingformulae.com” and if you really got something out of it and make a difference, then I’ll be the first happiest person on the earth. 
We need to learn something new every day, otherwise, we’ll be like leftovers. You know what I mean to say, rite. 
It takes time and dedication and passion to achieve. I learned this in a very hard way. So I’ve started this blog. 
If you’re 9 to 5 Job is not making you happy and if you struggling to keep up with the expenses and looking for month-end, then start a side hustle or learn a new skill. 
In this blog, I’ll help you to build a side hustle “Blogging” and make extra money with it. 
Sounds interesting rite. Let’s see what is this blog about. 

About The Blog

I help passionate bloggers like ‘YOU’ to start and Build passive income out of Blogging and help your blogging journey to touch new heights.
With that, I help you master Blogging, content creation, making money, and build your online Portfolio. 
This not a one-day task. this takes time and energy. But you’re able to spend a few hours on this you can make this real money-making machine. 
I can guarantee that. There are proofs all over the internet. Don’t worry about the competition. One day or the tree may become ash, and a seed can grow into a tree.  
So Don’t lose hope. If I can do this, you can also do this 100 times better. 
  • This is not for you if
This blog is not for you if you are looking for shortcuts, or get rich quickly. 
  • What is my Expertise
This is my expertise in this field. Particularly in Blogging, I’ve learned and learned many new skills. 
  • Blogging,
  • Content creation,
  • SEO,
  • Keyword research,
  • Marketing, 
  • Social media marketing, 
  • Content marketing, 
  • Graphic Design
  • HTML coding stuff – WIP
  • Email marketing – WIP
  • Adsense – WIP
These skills I’ve acquired with experience and passion. Few other skills like HTML, email marketing, and AdSense which I’m currently working on. 
  • What can you expect
I can say one thing. You can not learn these skills overnight. This may take months to master. If you’re able to dedicate 3 to 6 months of your time on this you can beat anyone in the market. 
You can expect this from the blog
  • Blogging From Scratch,
  • Blogger/WordPress setup and more,
  • SEO and Keyword research,
  • Digital marketing skills,
  • Branding,
  • Social media marketing and more. 
If you spend “6 X 3” Six months and 3 hours daily you can be a Successful blogger within a Year too. But you should dedicate yourself first.

Side Hustle

I’m Not going to ask you to quit your job. I don’t want to. This is a side hustle that I’ve created for myself.
As I previously told I’m a professional part-time blogger and an aspiring digital entrepreneur. I follow the Quote “Don’t put all you’re eggs in one basket”

Your Job Feed your Body”
“Your Passion Feed your Brain”
“Your Hobby feed your Heart”
Don’t forget these 3 lines of principle where ever you go. My goal is to build a successful side hustle that will bring a steady stream of income. 


Where can you find me? 

Now you know who I’m and what I do. If you which to follow me on any of the platforms that you use that would be great.  
You can follow me and my work on FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterestLinkedinSlideshareMedium Quora.

If you which to talk in person you can do that via, email me at  [email protected] I’ll try to reply as soon as possible.


Thanks for reading my story.

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